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    You’re in luck because we have compiled this list of the most popular and best bra brands in Pakistan.

    We have a list of all the top bra brands in Pakistan including Triumph Bra, Lace Bra, Full Coverage Bra and more.

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    Lace bras, padded bras, strapless bras, transparent bras, and more - Pakistani women have a wide variety of bra designs to choose from.

    However, with the increasing number of imported brands in the country, it can be difficult for Pakistani women to choose the right bra for their figure and style. In this article, we'll take a look at the latest bra designs in Pakistan and help you choose the perfect one for you.

    Best bra brand in Pakistan


    We've heard the argument before: "What's the best bra to wear?"

    It's a hard question to answer. All bras can be considered as the best when seen from the lens of what purpose they serve. A strapless bra would be considered the best for off-shoulder outfits whereas push-up bras would be considered the best for a hint of extra cleavage.

    That said, the T-shirt bra, made of delicate material and elastic, is best for everyday wear. It is constructed with fabric that goes invisible under clingy and knitted material of usual clothing. The cups of the T-shirt tend to retain their shape (making them look perfect from the outside) and make it comfortable to wear under any kind of clothing.

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    There is a lot of other information too that you should be well versed with. Here, we attempt to give solutions to some of the most common woes, so that you can have a happy experience.

    Calculating your size is no rocket science. All you need is a measuring tape, mirror, and a non-padded bra. Simply refer to our bra size calculator and determine your size in 2 simple steps.

    Step1. Calculate band size: Using the measuring tape (of course!), measure around the fullest part of your chest at the fullest point. Then multiply by 2.5 to get your band size in inches.

    Step2. Calculate bust size/ cup size: When you've got your band size, take your bust measurement with a non-padded bra on—make sure it's a good fit! Then add 5-10% more for comfort/support (depending on how full-busted you are).

    Types of bras

    Ladies bras come in a variety of styles and sizes, designed to meet the needs of every woman. There are several types of bras, each with its own unique features that cater to different fashion and functionality needs. The following is a rundown of the most popular kinds:

    - Padded bra: these bras help provide better coverage (preventing nipple show) and can be worn underneath almost all clothing items: be it t-shirts, kurtas, dresses or shirts. They are available in many variations, including racerback, strapless, halter, etc.

    - Push-up bra: they provide a gentle lift to your bust for a perky look. They may be made from different materials, including lace, satin, cotton, etc. And can be worn underneath almost all forms of clothing.

    - T-shirt bra: they boast of smooth cups that do not show underneath the soft fabric of tees. These bras also go well under fitted kurtas and tops.

    - Sports bra: they help cut down on bust movement and provide maximum support during various physical activities - from high intensity to low - including running, training, yoga etc

    How to find your bra size

    To ensure you find the right bra, the fit code was developed. Which, 11 breast profiles were identified. As you identify your profile and find your right measurement, you can also use the fit code to analyze aspects such as the fullness of your breasts, your apparel preferences, and more, to receive bra style recommendations.

    You can also measure your size on your own in a few easy steps. First, measure your underwear (preferably in cm). After which, measure your overbust and hip size in a similar manner. Now, add this data to the bra size calculator on to receive your exact measurements. Also, always refer to the sizing guide on our product page to be sure of the fit.

    An alarmingly high number of women’s sports bras of the wrong size without even realizing what they are doing. This can not only be detrimental to bust health, but it can also cause discomfort and general irritability.