Seta Italian Silk

The delicate range of Italian ,Silk Nightgowns, and Italian Silk Robe Sets. Shop now! Get high quality Italian Silk Pajamas, Italian Silk Nightgown and Robes. Free Shipping. Types:SilkPajamas,SilkNightgown.

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  • Picking and packing

    Your order is then picked and packed in our custom made lingerie storage boxes

  • Brown paper

    The lingerie box is then wrapped in brown paper, which is then packed into the couriers shipping packaging. We do this to ensure total discretion, no-one will know what is in the order unless it is fully opened.

  • Ready to ship

    The packages are then sent to our couriers, depending on your location we usually delivery between 1-4 days throughout Pakistan. You will also receive a tracking number to your email address so you can follow your order.

  • Confirmation

    Once your order has been submitted online, we will call you to double check your measurements and to confirm that you have placed an order with us.

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